Wednesday, April 8, 2015

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Psychology Fair 2015

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Group 19: Hassan Abdelghani, Megan Kats, Emily Lhotka


March 10th: Day 1

It has begun! Today was an adventure. Well right now, we are just doing background research and figuring out the process of the exciting experiment. We are planning to be original and do an experiment that has never been done by another past psychology fair group of Carl Sandburg! Talk about being creative...we have set plans and ideas in order to make this experiment successful and amazing. We want every person to go in the box and fall on their booty... then to walk out and say, "What the hell happened?" I want everyone to enjoy their adventure in the box and learn something new at the end about psychology through this experiment...

March 11th: Day 2

Oh boy! WOAH! We finally found some past experiments that have been done that we could use to learn from for our experiment. Let's just say we were jumping with joy when it took us after 53 searches on google to actually find something similar... Now time to do research... it's not the most exciting part, but it has to be done in order to get started on this experiment. Now, we are planning ideas on how to build the box in order to give many people a good time of their lives on the day of the psych fair! Let's just say it will be a journey when you are in a box that will result in you falling on your booty. You won't be laughing, but you will be amazed and shocked behind the psychology of this whole experiment...

March 12th: Day 3

OHHHH! We are almost there. We are finishing up the research. I know it's not the fun part, but the pain will go away once we start working on this experiment. Since Hassan knows everyone in this school. He is planning to talk to the crew members in order to get help building this box. Let's just say we can't leave Emily, Megan, or Hassan to build this box unless you want it to collapse on someone because none of us know how to turn on a power drill or even know where a screw goes in... a majority of the crew is up for building the box because all of them love and live for building anything. As well, they are pumped to work on a cool experiment. So thank you Carl Sandburg's crew members for being the bomb diggitys.

March 13th: Day 4 

Our group is literally kicking some booty right now. We are all finished with our background research. Now, let's just say we are ready for this psych fair. Well, not really because we still have a lot of work ahead of us. We still have to figure out when and how we are building this box of excitement... Well it needs to be amazing because our goal as a group is to leave each person with an impression of loving psychology and this new experiment. Even though, it will probably hurt when they fall on their butt. Also, as a group we are focusing on making this experiment successful and fun as we still have a lot of work ahead of us. 

March 16th: Day 5 

We are now discussing possible problems with the box after we build it. We fear that it might be too heavy to keep up on those 4 small wheels or that the box might be too tall to fit in the theatre doors. I know what we can do to solve these situations. We have to make sure we don't attach more wood to the wood we already have because then it will make it heavier...instead we get one side piece of plywood. Then, we attach the two wheels to that. We can make sure its not too tall for the theatre doors by going to the PAC and measuring the doors with tape measure to get an exact measure. 

March 17th: Day 6 

CHANGE OF PLAN! The crew can't help us build this box because they have musical set designs to do for the next week, so here's another problem that just came to us! Woah. If my life wasn't as easy as pie... That was sarcasm if you didn't catch it. So I'm gonna have to spend the next few days thinking of something to do quick about building this box or else we will have no box on the psych fair. Then, it will be the invisible box! HAHAHA get it? You won't be able to see it because it's not there!!!

March 18th: Day 7

Still don't know what to do? Oh typical Hassan...wait I have an idea though! I need to get in contact with a few certain friends that can actually help me build this box. I think I'm gonna get help from my friend, Alyssa Mohn, a painter. As well, I'm going to talk to Carly Bandera who will have her dad help me build this box from scratch...Hey at least I got good news...this box will turn out amazing! You watch! The other people in this group, Emily and Megan will work on the poster that sits on our booth area on the day of the psych fair! 

March 19th: Day 8 

I just got in contact with both of my friends who I think could help me with this box! I mean at this point I'm desperate! They said "YES!" I'm dying right now of happiness. They are planning to help me build this box on Sunday, so hopefully we can get it done on a single long day. We have finish this box before Wednesday. We need the box built and the walls and sides painted in certain colors... Just pray for us! I know we can do this! 

March 20th: Day 9

Here it goes... so I planned the box building! I made a blueprint! So I'm gonna need 2 plywoods (4' by 8') and 2 pieces of wood (2" x 2" x 8'). I'm gonna need a lot of white paint and a little black paint. As well, I need 4 small wheels, a power drill, and screws. I'm planning to met with them on Sunday. Sunday is the big day! :-) 

I went to Home Depot to grab the wood and then just the black paint since Mr. Bandera had everything else! The price totaled out to $65! Not bad! 

March 23th: Day 10 

I did it! It took about 7 hours to finish this box! YAY! Well, it only took 90 minutes to build the box, but man can we talk about painting a box was a serious challenge...and took forever. We were up from 8:00 p.m. until 2:30 a.m. We stayed in my shady garage and blasted the radio and jammed out while painting this box! Can I just say I became really good friends with Alyssa that night because we had such a nice real talk once it hit midnight. Thank you so much to Carly Bandera and her dad and to the amazing painter, Alyssa Mohn. She is the one who designed the walls and did the amazing writing. I mean I did the hand prints though!

March 24th: Day 11

Apparently my group got mad at me for ignoring them and building this box without their support! I just wanted to surprise least the box works. Megan came with her big pick-up truck and took the box and then assembled it at her house and tested it on a few people. They all fell! YES. We succeed...we accomplished what I wanted from day one. Well Megan said that they all freaked out and panicked because they fell, but hey we sometimes have to get the last laugh. Hopefully, everyone gets a new experience from trying this experiment. I FEEL AMAZING THAT THIS EXPERIMENT ACTUALLY SUCCEEDED... 

We still have to work on the poster :/...Hey one step at a time...Hopefully the poster doesn't take as long as the building of the box. 

March 25th: Day 12

You Betcha! Psych fair is one day away. Tonight is parents night... I would not feel bad to make a few parents fall or feel unbalanced. I'm excited for tonight! Well, I can't I'm gonna say this but everything is done AND ready to go. Our group is pumped and ready to try this experiment on hundreds of students. 
Well we tried it on the parents. They loved it... let me quote what most said, "I feel so trippy in there." Most said it wasn't what they expected. Many couldn't keep balance especially all the females lost their balance. Some of the men were able to keep balance. 

March 26th: Day 13

Here is the big day. We tested this box on 335 students. Let me say they all loved it. However, the ones that didn't were the ones who completely fell off the platform and hit the front of the box with their hand or head. I'm not gonna lie. Me as a cameraman was amazing... I made the students feel like models. Many said, "Don't take pictures of me." However, I do it anyway. I will be sharing some videos and pictures soon because our whole group felt amazing. We had a lot of fun. The box worked and proved our hypothesis correctly. YAY! So today was a wonderful day filled with psych geeks! :-)