Friday, March 27, 2015

We decided that our experiment will be on superstitions, and found a few other experiments that we could possibly did for the fair.
We just finished student handouts 11-17. They were a little difficult because we are still unclear of how exactly our experiment will be.
We are working on student handouts 18-20 today.
We finally figured out exactly how our group will conduct our experiment. We will do a golf experiment to test if superstitions affect physical performance.
Finally got our golf putting green.
Today we are planning the poster and what we are going to put on it. We titled our poster "the lucky shot" and printed out images of pigeons and golf putters to explain the 2 experiments that we based ours off of.
Everything is pretty much finished like our poster and the way we will exactly perform our experiment.
Tonight the parents are coming to test out all of the students experiments! Really excited for my mom to come and see what we have been working on.
The parents night went awesome and we're all set for today! Really excited for the students to try our experiment now because we know that it is going to work on everyone.
positives: A lot of kids tried our experiment and seemed interested in our experiment.
negatives: A few kids decided to be rude and putt the ball way too hard and the ball ended up across the PAC. Some kids just stood in front of our booth and didn't want to try it so they blocked the way of other students who wanted to try our experiment.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Group 27-Amar

I was planning for the project. I didn't know what to choose but then I found an experiment I can do.
I am doing memorization. Reason why I chose this is because I am trying to memorize a whole book myself.
I now finished student handouts 11-17 and right now I am brainstorming ideas on how to do my booth for the fair. I thought of a name and it is going to be memorization Explanation.
I finished students handouts 18-20. I found out what I am going to do with my booth. I am going to have a poster about memorization and how it works. I am also going to have a T.V. to show a presentation of what memorization is as well and show a test on how good are you at memorizing.
I have finished all of my students handouts and I just need to get all the materials for my booth and then I should be set. I am getting a poster, tv, and candy for the audience as well :)
I just got the confirmation for my idea and booth will be set. Everything should be into place by Wed. Pics will be posted soon!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Group 11-Dempsey, Dever, Alanis, Zougras

I 3/10/15-Today we were told what our topic was for psych fair. We will be testing if chewing gum affects our concentraion in a positive or negative way. We researched our topic to get more details on what we will do for the experiment. We looked into other studies to see how the gum affects the subjects as they preformed different tasks. Overall most subjects were affected in a positive manner. 

3/11/15- Today we began working on handouts 11,12, and 13. We split up the handouts so that everyone had something to do and so we were able to get them done on time. Through these handouts we had to choose who was going to be responsible for each part of the experiment and also figure out how we were going to test the subjects. We have also looked up other experiments similar to ours. The studies we've looked at have used many different types of tasks to see how the gum affects concentration. Some have used math equations, others have used visual or audio memory tasks. We haven't yet decided what we will use for our experiment.

3/13/15- Today we focused mostly on figuring out what our hypothesis was going to be and how we feel the experiment was going to play out. We feel like the chewing gum will help the subjects to concentrate more on the tasks we give them. We also worked on handouts 14 and 15. Through these handouts we figured out what our varibles would be and if we needed a control group or not. We are using two subjects at a time for each task. One will not be chewing gum, being the control group and the other will be.

3/16/15- Today we decided what tasks we would have the subjects complete during our experiment. We are going to have 3 different experiments to see how cheeing gum affects the different things we do. For one we will use math equations to see if they can answer them faster while chewing gum. Another will be visual and we will have them read a short story and answer a few questions that go along with the story. The final task is to listen to a list of words through headphones and they have to try and write as many down as they remember. We've also decided that we will be testing males and females to see who does better on the tasks while chewing gum.

3/17/15- Today we picked the name for our booth. For handout 19 we had to go into more detail on how we wanted our experiment to go and the steps involved in getting good results from our experiment. We also started our rough draft. We had to go back to earlier handouts and fix some of the information that was needed for the rough draft.  

3/18/15- Today Emma brought in our tri-fold poster board. We continued to work on our rough draft for handout 18 and we also worked on handout 20 which had us figure out what materials we needed to make our experiment successful. We are also are beginning to decide how we're going to record the results. Google forms seems like the easiest/most efficient option so we're probably going to use that.

3/19/15- Today we finished and submitted our rough draft. During 2nd hour I began to create the google forms we need for the experiment. For the google forms we were informed of something that can grade the forms for us ourself which would make this alot easier. We also started working on handouts 21 and 22 in the packet. We still have some things to figure out but other than that, our psych fair experience is going well. 

3/23/15- We don't have much left to do before psych fair. We finished our google forms and we've started to work on our poster. We put the booth title on but still have to to much more detail into the poster. We are still working on trying to get gum but besides that we're good. 

2/24/15- Today we fininished working on our poster and are discussing final details of our experiment. 

3/25/14-Tonight was parent night for psych fair. It was a great opportunity for us to try out our experiment before the big day. We were able to figure out how to organize all 3 QR codes so we could get the best results. Only Emma and I(Peyton) were able to attend the parent night but even with only two of us we were able to do all 3 test so having Rebecca and Paulina tomorrow should make our experiment flow smoother than tonight.

3/26/15- TODAYS THE BIG DAY! Psych fair has arrived and after a few weeks of preparing we were ready to test our experiment! Walking in at 7:50 with everything set up made it even more real. We were nervous about the amount of people that were going to be there but also extremely excited as to what was to come. The first few hours of the day were  probably the hardest because we were just getting used to it but by the end of 7th period we were pros. Paulina worked the math test, Rebecca worked the reading comprehension test, Emma and I(Pey) worked the Audio test. I always was the person in front of the table getting people to come to our booth. Advertising free gum was what got people to come. I think psych fair was successful and we has a good time! Mr.V was also very helpful and did a great job running it!

3/27/15- The day after psych fair was both good and bad. It was a relief for it to be over but it was also sad bc it was fun. Today we went through our response and we had to type in our paper responses into the data spreadsheets.  

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Group 22 Sisco

3/10 Today we go to pick our groups. and figure what the project will be on. i choose o work alonme and my project will be about typoglycemia

3/11 Handouts 11 12 and 13 were assigned and we were given the class period to-do so
Displaying IMG_4354.PNG
Displaying IMG_4353.PNG
Displaying IMG_4355.PNG

3/12 Finished 11, 12 and 13. Handouts 14 and 15 were asked to be be completed and i did so
Displaying IMG_4356.PNG
Displaying IMG_4357.PNG
3/16 Finished assigned handouts 16 and 17
Displaying IMG_4358.PNG
Displaying IMG_4359.PNG
Displaying IMG_4360.PNG

3/18 Handouts 18 and 19 and 20 done
Displaying IMG_4361.PNG
3/19 All handouts done now thinking about what to put on display board

3/20 Created visual aid for students and parents to asked that attend the fair
Displaying IMG_4365.JPG
3/23 Did not attend school was not able to work on project

3/24 Bought all materials needed for the board and candy to hand out to people who did my experiment

3/25 Project is done and ready for the fair
Displaying IMG_4346.JPG
3/26 The psych fair was a great experience wish i could do it again
 Displaying IMG_4324.JPG

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Group 29 Smith, Burns, Wikstrom

Our group is studying the placebo effect. This is basically false treatment. It is the idea that if you are told something will give you a desired response, in most cases it makes you healthier (medicine); you will fake that it does help, even if it doesn't. We are going to use this idea and make an experiment to show people will believe something if you simply tell them. We plan to deceive our subjects by giving them tea that will make everything sweet, bitter. We have regular green tea and Gymnema Sylvestre Tea. Gymnema Tea is known as a sugar destroyer. Both will be described as the Gymnema Tea and we will give certain people the actual sugar destroyer and certain the green tea. After they will receive a piece of chocolate to eat. We plan to convince all participants that the sweet taste will diminish and have a chalky/ bitter taste. Those with the green will most likely experience the placebo effect and agree that their tea made the chocolate bitter.

Today our group is looking into studies on the effect we are experimenting. Surprisingly, it is hard to find studies on Gymnema Sylvestre tea and the Placebo effect. However while reading we found it interesting that the placebo effect is often used with medicine. There have been instances where doctors have prescribed inert medicine, or fake medicine and it has been found out that people still agree that the medicine made them feel better in result. This has also happened in surgery. Surgeons have performed fake surgeries with the same results. We also learned that Placebo is latin for "I will Please".

The group has made out the works for our booth. We have decided on a very punny name to serve as a title for the booth. Since we are testing with tea we decided on That's MighTEA bitter. At least its along the lines of that. Ally Brought in our tri fold poster board so things are moving along smoothly. Despite the many worksheets this is a fun learning process. We have learned that this tea actually helps people with diabetes. pretty cool. Anyways, enjoy this picture of us hard at work.
We have been hard at work today finishing up handouts 18-20. Now that we are finally finished we can move on to constructing our poster boards. Our group, though very angry at times have had a good time today. No fights which means were all good. I (Nicole) bought the Gymnema Tea from Mr.Vuillaume. He has given me instruction on how to prepare the tea properly. I hope I make it right otherwise we will be in trouble. Fun facts on our tea today: It is used for weight loss, It tastes disgusting, It is an Indian herb used in medicine long ago. Fun fact on placebo effect: It is a very cautious thing with testing medicine for doctors because of the placebo. People might only think the medicine cured their symptoms because the doctor said it would. That is why testing medicine can be so difficult. Fun RANDOM Fact of the day: It is not illegal to be topless in New York. 
Time is running out until psych fair and today we get a little bit of weight off our chest with designing our booth. We are currently mapping out the layout of our poster board. Mr. V is going around the room and having everyone walk through their experiment to them. Ally is absent so Chloe and I have creative dictatorship over the poster board, which honestly we both enjoy. We plan on having a very vibrant poster board and will set up the booth with rows of tea on display along with the hershey kisses. I think that even more than experimenting the placebo effect the green tea will have we are excited to witness people 1) be disgusted and in awe of the gymnema tea and 2) lie with the green tea. Chloe has read over handouts 21 and 22  in order for us to know the guidelines for the booth. My throat hurts and I want tea, but not the Gymnema Tea, maybe Black Tea with honey and sugar...mmm. ANYWAYS Today gets us one step closer to Psych fair 2015! Pictures of poster board coming soon! 

Psych Fair starts thursday and our poster board is in the works! Amazing how time flies. We are confident In our projects success and hope for it to work as well as anticipated. Chloe and I are currently adding borders and words to the poster board while ally cuts out our visuals! AHH so close to Thursday, Finished pics of the board coming soon. Still in the works, don't want to show the crap stage it is in. 

Today we have been instructed to finish our boards and work away. We are very close to the finished poster product. I have bought all the tea and plan on starting the brewing tonight. I'm afraid the tea will stink up my house but it's all for psychology! My partners and I have loved this experience but are nervous to execute the experiment tomorrow on our families. Fingers crossed!!!

Today is the day! well the practice day! Our parents come tonight to see how all the fairs tables and all the crazy psychological projects we've all done. I'm excited to see everyone else's experiments, as well as see how well ours works. I made some tea last night and it did in fact make the house smell like a forest. Chloe had to buy more tea because we did not have enough for Thursday night which means more tea making for me tonight. Can't wait to show all the parents our placebo and see the amount of them that fall for it . We are praying for the placebo/ psych gods for a helping hand. Wishing everyone luck for the real deal tomorrow. Hope nothing goes wrong! Here is the finished poster below!

PSYCH FAIR TODAY! We are here, and so far things are going great. About half way through our day and sadly we have disproved our hypothesis. Most students can tell that the Green Tea is not working like the Gymnema Tea. However we have a handful that the placebo has worked. It is disheartening but a great learning experience. Our participants have been very nice and helpful throughout the day and overall we have been having a good day. We got the chance to look at other booths during second hour and I (Nicole) am impressed by a lot of people's booths. Chloe and I have been interacting with the crowds but Ally is falling back a bit. She won't engage with others. She has just poured tea for the most part of today. Chloe and I have been in people's faces persuading them to try the tea. We have reached our number of people to test but are continuing since we have enough tea for one more group. Psych fair is coming to a close in about an hour. This has been crazy and fun. I (nicole) have made a few new friends and have experienced a lot of sweating and nerves but had a fantastic time at psych fair. Chloe thinks psych fair was interesting and busy, but she had a lot of fun. Ally, well i think she agrees: she is doodling.  THE FAIR IS OVER!!! Wow what a day. We all had a lot of fun but we are glad it's over. Now time to look at the results! pics posted below!

Group 3 Szymanski Van Stedum Fuller


Group 3 started today with a set back. Our #1 choice was taken so we had to resort to a different topic. This topic was "The Stroop Effect" and it is actually kind of cool. Today was the first day of working on our newly given project so not much was done but we seem to be a hardworking group. This should be fun the next few weeks.

As of today, we worked pretty good on the handouts that are due next week. We all worked as a team to get handouts 12 and 13 done just a few touch-ups here and there. Our experiment is a little tough to figure out but we seem to be getting the hang of everything.

Today we finished all the assignments due next monday which is great! We worked great together and everyone pulled their own weight... Greg actually did maybe a little more than everyone but he was happy too because he wanted to get it done ASAP. 

We are a day ahead of the curve with most of the handouts. We finished handouts 16 and 17. Handouts 18,19, and 20 are what we are going to do next. We have no created the project yet but we have a good idea what it will be like.

Group 3 finished handouts 19 and 20. Student handout 18 is almost finished we just have to tweak a couple of things and lay out what our whole project will be about 

Today we finished the handouts for everything we needed to be done. Greg started the survey we will be asking
and Kyle and I are starting to come up with ideas for the project These are some past ideas we have been looking at. We were also told we were tree killers and that Kyle acts like a 60 year old

Today Group 3 started finalizing the project with the surveys Greg got for us. We started cutting the paper in half with the cutter gave to us. The colored paper looks cool when they are stacked together. The poster board is still coming together and we have only just started that. 

Today Group 3 worked on the poster, the group instructions, and the instructions for the poster board. We got a good amount of material started and a little bit finished. Here is the instructions for the group on what we will say

Group 3 had a little bit if a set back with both Jimmy and Kyle out on another field trip. But Greg definitely pulled through for all of us by getting the poster done by himself at his house after school. Me and Kyle said we owe Greg money but he said "no worries guys, I know you would of done the same thing for me", then we all laughed it off

Today we finished the poster after me and Kyle put some final touches on it. From 5-7pm tonight we will be setting up our experiment for the big day tomorrow and also for our parents who are to come to test our experiment and give us some feedback. Everything should be all set and ready to go we just need to put some bigger and better letters for the title

Today was the day of the experiment. I'll admit we all were pretty nervous,but once the day started to get rolling, everything went a lot smoother. Kyle was very assertive toward people passing by to get them to come take our experiment which actually was a good thing. Greg was not as assertive but me and him knew when the right time was to reel in subjects and when it wasn't a good time. Overall the day went pretty as planned and I believe we did a great job getting through around 800 subjects. 467 females and 347 males. The only thing that sucked, actually the only two things that sucked were we ran out of blue and purple paper 6th hour and toward the end of the day it kind of dragged on. However it was a great experience overall. Thanks Psych Fair!
here and some subjects that are doing our survey for out experiment throughout the day.

group 25 Ali , Irizarry

March 11th 2015 ,  Today we worked together to answer the questions on SH 11, 12 and we turned them in. We looked up more theories and ideas to expand our project. Looking into plastic surgery and the power of makeup. Looked up many celebrities and found examples for our project that we will later feature on our poster.
March 12th 2015,  Today we worked on SH 13 together to get the experiments, Emma put them the articles APA Style. We are still searching for more articles about attractiveness and how humans perceive beauty along with the experiments that go with them.
March 16th 2015, Quickly Emma and I finished up SH 14 and 15, Emma wasn't feeling well, she went home during the period so I finished up 15 and turned everything in.
March 17th 1015, Happy St Patty's Day, Worked on SH 16 and 17, I bought the poster for the project, we need to print out of pictures of our models/celebrities, figure out the structure of the board. Looking up other known models that are icons of beauty to put on our poster.
March 18th 2015, Working on SH 18 and 19, thinking of title of our poster was kind of difficult for us, but we found a name that was clever.
March 23th 2015, I was sick :/
March 24th 2015, I finished the poster and printed out all the pictures and glued all information to the poster and made everything look pretty. Making sure all requirements were on poster to get ready for the parent night.
March 25th 2015, Some of the parents were so cute they thought that , my expieriment was cute and they were fooled by the fact the models in the survey were actually the same people. 

March 26th 2015, Psych fair was fun, a lot of participants thought it was shocking that the models were the same people, the participants that were more shocked were the male participants. Males seem to believe whats on the surface more than whats whats actually real. Beauty is defiantly a spell in the eyes of the male gender. 

He was pretty superficial with his choices of rating. 
Lavelle claimed that he "knew" that the models were the same person. 
Missouri was such a great friend she took the survey 2 different times 

Our booth!! (wont let me rotate it :/ )

Group 6- White, Collins, Scott, Nitka

You 3/10

Every get the feeling of being watched? We do and we're doing an experiment that involves watching eyes.

Today, we got our group together and chose what we will be contributing to the group. We completed 2 of the handouts and are going strong on the third. Almost finished!


Today we each found an experiment that related to ours. I also found some great idea for our experiment which will help produce some solid results. Hopefully we are able to construct an experiment we can use. Great teamwork so far!


Today we were missing a group member :( but we were able to get the summaries of our background research. Based on experiments we've found, we will most likely have two groups of participants. One group will be sitting with their back faced to another group. Using a test that will instruct the other group to either stare or look away from the other group, we will determine if people really can sense when someone is staring at them. Not sure on specifics yet, but that should be figured out soon!

Based on my research, some scientists actually believe we have a sixth sense that is linked to birds flying in perfect formations and herds of animals traveling together...not sure how that all ties in yet but we're getting there...


Another day of finishing up the final touches on our handouts. I feel like our experiment is coming together and with the entire group brainstorming, the experiment is taking form. We've decided that we will be testing two groups of teens. Both groups will be told that one of the groups will be watched by one of us, but they won't know which group. We will test each group for 1 minute to see the results. Someone from our group will then hold a sign that says either to look or look away, giving the participants a chance to answer if they felt like they were being watched. Hopefully we can use phones and computers to get the results instead of a 1000 pieces of paper. Still trying to figure that part out...


Today we finalized the steps for the experiment!

  1. The experimenter will take the controlled group into one side of the booth.
  2. Another experimenter will take the independent group into the other side of the booth.
  3. One experimenter will explain what we will be testing (We are going to blindfold both groups after the explanation)
    1. The experimenter will explain that we will be watching only one group of the participants but the groups will not know which one we are watching.
    2. The experimenter will then either look at the independent group or look away
    3. The experiment will last one minute
  4. The control group of students will not be watched at all and the independent group will be watched by the experimenter.
  5. After one minute we will use a survey that will ask each group if they felt like they were being watched.
  6. We will use these results to determine if people can sense when they are being watched.

Hopefully everything works out with this experiment!


Totally we completed the template for the rough draft of our experiment. And we also decided we will be testing two groups of three students. They will be separated by a wall and someone from our group will initiate the experiment. We are also going to be using an online survey at the end that will ask questions like:
Did you feel like you were being watched?
Did the blindfold make a difference?
How did you feel during the experiment?

More changes to the questions will be made later. Loving the online surveys. Makes our life 10 times easier.


The handouts are finally over! It's time for the poster!
We listed all of our materials that we will need, even though there aren't many we need. Our set goal is 250 people!

Hopefully we can get one of the temporary walls to separate the students. We can use the chromebook to help the surveys go by quicker and get more surveys in. Although some students won't have smart phones to scan, we plan on having some surveys photocopied so they can take the survey anyway. 

Happy first day of spring!
We are starting to create a layout for our display. We've decided to name our booth "Do you have a sixth sense?" On the display, we plan to put eyes all around the board with our information under them. 
We have all the materials we need for our experiment and we plan to print everything out over the weekend. 
Also, the survey at the end is done with the QR codes. We just have to keep the groups straight when taking the survey.


Not your average search on Google images...

Basically now we are working on the poster, we are typing and printing everything we need in order to create the poster. We are also getting some creepy pictures for our display, as you can see...


Today we started our poster and are very excited to creep people out as they walk by. 


We got the poster done and pasted a bunch of pictures on it. Everything should be done for the parent night tonight. Sadly, two of our group members won't be able to make it tonight so we will have to improvise.


PSYCH FAIR!!!!! Talk about a long day!
In the morning Ganae and I had to explain to our missing group members what we did and how we needed to change the experiment in order to get results. We changed up the experiment and realized we were cramped for space and couldn't fit six people in our space. 
We used blindfolds and took up to three people back behind the wall. We had one of our group members sit in the corner and ask:
Do you feel like you are being watched?
Is there a person on your left or your right?
Is there someone in front or behind you?
Do you feel like you are being watched now?
During the experiment, I would stand close to the student with the blindfold or stare at them when I was told to do so. Once they took off their blindfolds, they were freaking out that someone else was behind the wall with them and they didn't even notice.

I thought that the fair was a great experience and it was fun to test out our experiment on people. I liked how there was a constant rush of people in the PAC but so many students were rude! It was mostly freshman that would try to disrupt the experiment or cheat by taking their blindfolds off. Some kids would come by and take our candy too without even doing the experiment. *cough cough* kyle *cough cough*

We just missed our goal of 250! Only 4 away! Honestly that's really frustrating! 

Overall our group enjoyed the psych fair and thought it was an interesting experience!
Psych fair 2015 was amazing!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Group 1 Schadt Victoria Chileen

3/10/15 Today we worked on the student handouts online and got an idea of what kind of experiment we will be doing for the fair.

3/11/15 We finished the first 2 handouts and we are almost done with the 3rd handout. We're getting closer to what our experiment is going to be.

Group 28 - Zilinskas, Anderson , Cibich


We finalized our psych fair project with the topic of Law of Attraction. As a group we are going to find five different married couples and separate the pictures of them. As people come up to out experiment table they will match the couples who they think belong together. A majority of the participants will choose the most attractive couples to be matched together. Few will choose differently. The interesting part will be how everyone's opinions based off attraction are very similar.


Today we started handouts that 16,17 and 18 that were handed out to us.


Today we did more work on the handouts that need to be turned in tomorrow.


Today we completed handouts 16, 17 and started 18. We are coming up with the title for our experiment and figuring out everything that we will need for it.


Today Emily brought in the poster board for our group. We figured out more details for our experiment to make sure it goes smoothly. We also came up with our title 'Our You the Matchmaker?' and are working on handout 18, it is the rough draft for the essay that goes along with the experiment and we just turned in handout 19!


Today Emily finished student handout 18 which was the rough draft and i finished student handout 20 which was the material list. Now all we have to do is make the poster board and we should be almost set!


Were finishing up everything that needs to be completed for Thursday and its coming qiuck!


Lea was on a field trip today so Alyssa and Emily made some adjustments and finished up some worksheets that needed to be completed.


Today Emily and I finished the instructions that were going to say to people as they come to our booth.

           "Hi welcome to our booth! Our experiment tests the law of attraction. First we have to ask are you in a relationship? (mark down if they are in a relationship or not) Now can we have you look at a couple pictures and can you tell us what two people are in a relationship? (Mark down if the a single or a person in a relationship was able to pick out the couple.) We are able to tell you more about our experiment after you tell us your opinion of who you think belong together."


We finished all of our last details on our poster that we titled 'Are you a Matchmaker?'. Our whole group came in to do a test run at 5:00 set up and the parents came at 6:00 and it went good and gave us a preview of what to expect.


The overall project went smoothly. It was a long day and towards the end we all got a little jittery. We had a lot of participants that came to our booth and many people thought it was fun to try to match couples together. During the last hour of the day everyone that was involved in psych fair helped clean up and out chairs and tables together and we all took a picture together.

Group 8 - Nesypor, Atieh, Babbington, Mokrzycki

March 10th, 2015

We received our project for psych fair! After haggling with our teacher we decided to do a project on obedience to authority. Exciting posts to come throughout the process of creating it!

March 11th, 2015

Today we decided on our project! It is a variation of Simon Says that goes along with our topic of Obedience to Authority. We also split up our work and decided on who would work on what.

March 13th, 2015

Our psych fair project has been coming along great, we have been working on the student handouts and brainstorming more ideas for our project. Should be a productive day!

March 16th, 2015

We have turned in our student handouts and are now planning our projects out.

March 17th, 2015
Jordan showed up today!!!!! Yay! We have been completing student handout 18 and 19 and i have been yelling at Jordan the entire time.

March 18th, 2015

Today we got to class and we were all wearing blue! It counts as psychology because symbolizes relaxation. We brought in our poster board and are continuing to work on student handout 18,19,20 even though all Jordan and Ameen are talking about is March Madness. Please help. More to come tomorrow! Here are some pictures that shows everyone how we roll.

March 19th, 2015
Today we are working on our rough draft and student handout 22 and 23. Starting our poster board tomorrow!

March 20th, 2015
Psych fair is a week away! Starting to plan out our experiment more in depth today and will be working on our poster next week and making it pretty.

March 23rd, 2015
We have started our poster and used Olivia's eye for design to decorate it.

March 24th, 2015
It is only me and Jordan here today so we are typing out some background information and finishing up out poster, should be an interesting night tomorrow and Thursday!

March 26th, 2015
Today is psych fair! Last night went great with the parents and we have already gotten plenty of data from today! Although we are missing one member we are doing okay, can't wait to see what the rest of the day brings.

March 27th, 2015
Psych fair is over and some of the stress is gone, but now we have to take all of our data and make it into a paper. Starting it should be fairly easy, can't wait for this all to be over. It was a great experience.

March 30th, 2015
Today is the last day we are blogging! We are in the midst of writing our paper, and seeing all of the data laid out is pretty cool. We have learned a lot about our topic on obeying authority and it has been a fun ride.

Group 7 Rivera, McWilliams, Vetter, Schneider

Tuesday, March 10th

Our group received our given assignment of imitating levitation. We will blindfold a person, have them stand on a board, and tell them they are being lifted. The combination of the imitation of movement and the placebo effect (they believe they are really being lifted) will make them believe it really happened. We were informed that on average the general population reported being lifted 'around 3 feet'. We spent the day completing worksheets eleven and twelve.

Wednesday March 11, 2015
Today in class our group worked on worksheets 13, 14, and 15.
worksheet 13
Thursday March 12 2015
Today we continued to work on worksheets 13, 14, and 15.
worksheet 14
worksheet 15
Friday, March 13, 2015
Today we completed all of the worksheets except number thirteen which includes the case studies and the paragraphs that elaborate on them.

Monday, March 16 2015
Today we continued to work on worksheets sixteen and seventeen.
worksheet 16

March 17, 2015
Today we worked on handouts 18, 19, and 20. We returned to handout 13 to edit and improve our paragraphs on the case studies.
worksheet 18
worksheet 19
worksheet 20
Wednesday, March 18th --
Today we completed all assigned worksheets thus far. We have purchased our tri-fold poster board and planned on how we are going to create and decorate it.

Thursday, March 19th
Today we practiced our experiment on ourselves and others in class to fully understand the operation. We now have a first basis understanding to how our experiment gives the illusion of height and how to perform it well.

Friday, March 20, 2015 --
Today we finalized our plan to create our poster. We created a survey that is linked to the QR Code so that we can collect data from participants.

March 23, 2015 -- Today we worked on our step by step guide for our experiment. We continued plans for our poster.

Tuesday March 24, 2015 -- We brought in poster materials and began to create our poster in class. We decided roles on who would be completing which parts of the poster.

Wednesday March 25, 2015 -- We finished our poster and assigned roles as to who will bring in our needed supplies, such as the blindfold and a pen to fill out the surveys.

Thursday March 26, 2015 -- Today was the official Psychology fair. We had around 200 participants throughout the day and collected a decent amount of data to analyze.
Friday, March 27, 2015 -- Our group agreed that the fair, although tiring, was an enjoyable experience. However, we had hoped our experiment and hypothesis would have been been successful, and that the participant were not as disrespectful and did not tell others the secret to our experiment.