Thursday, March 12, 2015

group 25 Ali , Irizarry

March 11th 2015 ,  Today we worked together to answer the questions on SH 11, 12 and we turned them in. We looked up more theories and ideas to expand our project. Looking into plastic surgery and the power of makeup. Looked up many celebrities and found examples for our project that we will later feature on our poster.
March 12th 2015,  Today we worked on SH 13 together to get the experiments, Emma put them the articles APA Style. We are still searching for more articles about attractiveness and how humans perceive beauty along with the experiments that go with them.
March 16th 2015, Quickly Emma and I finished up SH 14 and 15, Emma wasn't feeling well, she went home during the period so I finished up 15 and turned everything in.
March 17th 1015, Happy St Patty's Day, Worked on SH 16 and 17, I bought the poster for the project, we need to print out of pictures of our models/celebrities, figure out the structure of the board. Looking up other known models that are icons of beauty to put on our poster.
March 18th 2015, Working on SH 18 and 19, thinking of title of our poster was kind of difficult for us, but we found a name that was clever.
March 23th 2015, I was sick :/
March 24th 2015, I finished the poster and printed out all the pictures and glued all information to the poster and made everything look pretty. Making sure all requirements were on poster to get ready for the parent night.
March 25th 2015, Some of the parents were so cute they thought that , my expieriment was cute and they were fooled by the fact the models in the survey were actually the same people. 

March 26th 2015, Psych fair was fun, a lot of participants thought it was shocking that the models were the same people, the participants that were more shocked were the male participants. Males seem to believe whats on the surface more than whats whats actually real. Beauty is defiantly a spell in the eyes of the male gender. 

He was pretty superficial with his choices of rating. 
Lavelle claimed that he "knew" that the models were the same person. 
Missouri was such a great friend she took the survey 2 different times 

Our booth!! (wont let me rotate it :/ )

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