Thursday, March 12, 2015

Group 3 Szymanski Van Stedum Fuller


Group 3 started today with a set back. Our #1 choice was taken so we had to resort to a different topic. This topic was "The Stroop Effect" and it is actually kind of cool. Today was the first day of working on our newly given project so not much was done but we seem to be a hardworking group. This should be fun the next few weeks.

As of today, we worked pretty good on the handouts that are due next week. We all worked as a team to get handouts 12 and 13 done just a few touch-ups here and there. Our experiment is a little tough to figure out but we seem to be getting the hang of everything.

Today we finished all the assignments due next monday which is great! We worked great together and everyone pulled their own weight... Greg actually did maybe a little more than everyone but he was happy too because he wanted to get it done ASAP. 

We are a day ahead of the curve with most of the handouts. We finished handouts 16 and 17. Handouts 18,19, and 20 are what we are going to do next. We have no created the project yet but we have a good idea what it will be like.

Group 3 finished handouts 19 and 20. Student handout 18 is almost finished we just have to tweak a couple of things and lay out what our whole project will be about 

Today we finished the handouts for everything we needed to be done. Greg started the survey we will be asking
and Kyle and I are starting to come up with ideas for the project These are some past ideas we have been looking at. We were also told we were tree killers and that Kyle acts like a 60 year old

Today Group 3 started finalizing the project with the surveys Greg got for us. We started cutting the paper in half with the cutter gave to us. The colored paper looks cool when they are stacked together. The poster board is still coming together and we have only just started that. 

Today Group 3 worked on the poster, the group instructions, and the instructions for the poster board. We got a good amount of material started and a little bit finished. Here is the instructions for the group on what we will say

Group 3 had a little bit if a set back with both Jimmy and Kyle out on another field trip. But Greg definitely pulled through for all of us by getting the poster done by himself at his house after school. Me and Kyle said we owe Greg money but he said "no worries guys, I know you would of done the same thing for me", then we all laughed it off

Today we finished the poster after me and Kyle put some final touches on it. From 5-7pm tonight we will be setting up our experiment for the big day tomorrow and also for our parents who are to come to test our experiment and give us some feedback. Everything should be all set and ready to go we just need to put some bigger and better letters for the title

Today was the day of the experiment. I'll admit we all were pretty nervous,but once the day started to get rolling, everything went a lot smoother. Kyle was very assertive toward people passing by to get them to come take our experiment which actually was a good thing. Greg was not as assertive but me and him knew when the right time was to reel in subjects and when it wasn't a good time. Overall the day went pretty as planned and I believe we did a great job getting through around 800 subjects. 467 females and 347 males. The only thing that sucked, actually the only two things that sucked were we ran out of blue and purple paper 6th hour and toward the end of the day it kind of dragged on. However it was a great experience overall. Thanks Psych Fair!
here and some subjects that are doing our survey for out experiment throughout the day.

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