Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Group 28 - Zilinskas, Anderson , Cibich


We finalized our psych fair project with the topic of Law of Attraction. As a group we are going to find five different married couples and separate the pictures of them. As people come up to out experiment table they will match the couples who they think belong together. A majority of the participants will choose the most attractive couples to be matched together. Few will choose differently. The interesting part will be how everyone's opinions based off attraction are very similar.


Today we started handouts that 16,17 and 18 that were handed out to us.


Today we did more work on the handouts that need to be turned in tomorrow.


Today we completed handouts 16, 17 and started 18. We are coming up with the title for our experiment and figuring out everything that we will need for it.


Today Emily brought in the poster board for our group. We figured out more details for our experiment to make sure it goes smoothly. We also came up with our title 'Our You the Matchmaker?' and are working on handout 18, it is the rough draft for the essay that goes along with the experiment and we just turned in handout 19!


Today Emily finished student handout 18 which was the rough draft and i finished student handout 20 which was the material list. Now all we have to do is make the poster board and we should be almost set!


Were finishing up everything that needs to be completed for Thursday and its coming qiuck!


Lea was on a field trip today so Alyssa and Emily made some adjustments and finished up some worksheets that needed to be completed.


Today Emily and I finished the instructions that were going to say to people as they come to our booth.

           "Hi welcome to our booth! Our experiment tests the law of attraction. First we have to ask are you in a relationship? (mark down if they are in a relationship or not) Now can we have you look at a couple pictures and can you tell us what two people are in a relationship? (Mark down if the a single or a person in a relationship was able to pick out the couple.) We are able to tell you more about our experiment after you tell us your opinion of who you think belong together."


We finished all of our last details on our poster that we titled 'Are you a Matchmaker?'. Our whole group came in to do a test run at 5:00 set up and the parents came at 6:00 and it went good and gave us a preview of what to expect.


The overall project went smoothly. It was a long day and towards the end we all got a little jittery. We had a lot of participants that came to our booth and many people thought it was fun to try to match couples together. During the last hour of the day everyone that was involved in psych fair helped clean up and out chairs and tables together and we all took a picture together.

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  1. I'm very interested in seeing the results for this one.