Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Group 26 Parthemore and Stefanich

Day 1 3/10/15
We dug through more info to pick and experiment and we have narrowed it down to a few different ones but still havent decided. We also started worksheets 11-15.

Day 2 3/11/15
Our experiment we decided to do is called "Apollo Robin's box experiment". We also completed worksheet 11 and started working on the others.

Day 3 3/16/15
We finished all worksheets that were due that day except for worksheet 13 and we plan to go back and finish that pages when we get the time. We also started planning ahead on the rest of the worksheets that are due. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTds4yC6dIk use the link to go to a video of the original experiment and start watching at 4:50.

Day 4 3/17/15
We started doing the worksheet that are due on the 19th we have started trying to come with a name for our booth and discussing who will be getting most of the materials for the booth.

Day 5 3/18/15
We have found our name for the booth it will be called "One box to rule them all". We have finished the worksheet 19 and are still figuring out the materials list for worksheet 20. And we have found out who will be getting the poster for the booth and it will be Jake. 

Day 6 3/19/15
Jacob had his head shaved
Day 7 3/20/15
We have the poster here at school we are figuring out what to put on it we ave all are research and getting ready for psych fair day. We had finished Handout 18 the rough draft finishing the last handouts and giving us time to put more time to get ready for the day.

Day 8 3/23/15
We printed out pictures for the poster and have started placing them on the poster in different places then the info and the research. We had put a picture of Apollo Robbins on the poster to show who gave us the inspiration for to do the the experiment. We had also put the hypothesis question and ho we plan to answer it on the other side so we wouldn't have to much info on one side.
Day 9 3/24/15
We basically just started to finish the poster up and I had also started practicing more with the experiment so that I wouldn't get it wrong on the parent night and on the day of the fair. We had trouble with it at first then we got the hang of it by the end of the day.
Day 10 3/25/15 
So we have finish poster and we have the experiment down but there might be a few hiccups at the parent night but we will fix them if some come up I will re-post after the parent night seeing how it goes. Parent night went well we had a little trouble at first because this was the first time doing the experiment in front of people but then we got our act together and fixed it.
Psych fair went very good we both were kinda nervous about the whole day and wondering what the situation with food and who would be doing the experiment the most of the time. But we ended up splitting it up very well and did as many experiments as we could and tried to get people to scan the qr codes but not many did. Then clean up went fast as well because a lot of people helped out so we had time to rest after the fair was over. overall the day went really good 
We recapped the whole day yesterday and just gave a final thoughts on the fair. Then started the final draft by completing some of the easy stuff and then figuring out all the research we took from psych fair so we could complete the rest next week.   
Jacobs mental breakdown


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  1. I think you should share the video of the original experiment.