Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Group 13 - Rodriguez, Fallahi, Jones

Group 13


The progress for today had to with with our group receiving our projects for Psych Fair. Unfortunately, the ideas for our projects were all taken. We currently do not have a project in mind, but we are currently brainstorming and keeping an open mind to others. We hope to see a great amount of excitement in the near future.


Today we were able to pick our psychology project for the fair. We settled on a more survey like project that mirrors the "Prototype Theory." This theory deals with the notion that some people follow a more centralized idea of cognition as opposed to others. For example, if a person asks you to come up with a sport, many would automatically say football or basketball, while others may say golf. It will be very interesting being able to test this theory and see if it is true for our experiment.


While doing research for our experiment, we made a shocking discovery that deals with the reason why people might say the idea. As someone is prompted to think about certain things, such as numbers for example, it will prod the mind to think more centrally on that idea until something or similar cognition is come up with. This research will be used more in our experiment when the day to present our experiment approaches.


We are in the process of completing the work we need to do prior to the Psychology Fair. As we start doing the work, we are brainstorming ideas for controls that we will be able to use. For now we have decided that we will pose questions before the experiment to have one part of the audience thinking while the other part of the audience that visits will be prompted to think during the actual experiment. We believe this will produce interesting results.


Now that we have ended the preliminary rounds of the Psychology Fair, we are ready to begin building our experiment of the Prototype Theory. We opted that we will test in both groups and individually, abstaining as best as possible the possibility of person spoiling the experiment. Although we cannot overall control social interactions, we can help prevent them by setting guidelines. When we begin setting up for the experiment, it is safe to say that we believe the experiment will be a success.


We are now in the process on starting the second part of the Psychology Fair. We have just been briefed by Mr. Vuillaume on doing the rough drafts for our papers and materials list.

We are all hard at work to be sure that our project in concept and execution is good. 


With the poster boards and concepts becoming more fleshed out, we were able to learn how to create surveys electronically with QR codes. This will prove to be very useful in our data gathering. We opted to set common choices for our surveys, and use time as a factor in order to see just how long a person takes to make a decision. In foresight, we hope to prove our prototype theory right when we review our data in order to see how everyone picked.


As we near the day for the Psychology Fair, we have given our teacher a walk through of how we want our experiment to be set up. We will be ready by the day we present our experiment. The tweaks we are making to the video are more so that we are more efficient with testing people.


Psychology Fair is soon approaching for the experiments. We are working on the poster for our project and plan to meet up later tonight to decorate it more. Finding to to work outside of class will help us focus more and be able to be even more productive. We will need to print out a few things and have our data method finalized in order to continue.


We are now beginning Psychology Fair here at Carl Sandburg High School. We began in first hour and we are going to be cleaning up eighth hour. So far we are having great success with our video and survey. Everyone is saying the expectation we believed to be carrot. So far our hypothesis is correct.  

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