Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Group 16 Gilarski and Watkins


We found out our project was today!  We got our first choice. Sydney gets to hit people in the hand with a hammer. This should be interesting! We are really excited to start Psych fair !!


Second day, still nothing too exciting still doing student handouts 11-15 due by Monday. 


Today the student handouts 11-15 are due today, so we have to finish those. Tomorrow student handouts 16 and 17 are due by the end of class. Still nothing too exciting! 


Today student handouts 16 and 17 are due at the end of class. Thursday student handout 18 and 19 are due. Student handout 18 is a rough draft of what we are going to do specifically. Our experiment is going to be easy because we don't need anything too fancy, just a fake hand, little hammer, and a paint brush. Everyone that participates in our experiment is going to scan a QR code so they can fill out our questionier of three questions...
1. did you feel pain in your real hand
2. did you jump or flinch
3. did nothing happen 


Still working on student handout 18 and 19 and Sydney is working on our QR code questions so the participants have something to fill out and we have data to look at, at the end of the fair.


IT'S PSYCHOLOGY FAIR DAY!!!!! The day went great. Our booth was really popular. We only sat down and didn't really do anything for about 45 minutes throughout the whole day. Girls were the most nervous and they jumped the most. The night before was parent night and we had one mom scream and almost fall out of her chair. It was a great day.

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