Friday, March 20, 2015

Group 27-Amar

I was planning for the project. I didn't know what to choose but then I found an experiment I can do.
I am doing memorization. Reason why I chose this is because I am trying to memorize a whole book myself.
I now finished student handouts 11-17 and right now I am brainstorming ideas on how to do my booth for the fair. I thought of a name and it is going to be memorization Explanation.
I finished students handouts 18-20. I found out what I am going to do with my booth. I am going to have a poster about memorization and how it works. I am also going to have a T.V. to show a presentation of what memorization is as well and show a test on how good are you at memorizing.
I have finished all of my students handouts and I just need to get all the materials for my booth and then I should be set. I am getting a poster, tv, and candy for the audience as well :)
I just got the confirmation for my idea and booth will be set. Everything should be into place by Wed. Pics will be posted soon!

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