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Group 5- Aksu, Kaspar, Oblena

We had to figure out our experiment
Videos viewed:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMLd4ohAffQ invisible rope
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76UXSdUVuLk Rorschach test video
OUR EXPERIMENT: two people listening to two types of music with same ink block pictures to test music's effects

Links viewed:

constant: seeing the ink blots without music
independent: music
dependent: ink blot
control group: people without music
worked on SH11-15
Perception          Environmental distractions

thesis: Music can affect a person’s perception by presenting the same inkblots and different music such as classical, scary themed or no music at all can lead to varying result depending on the independent variable.
finished SH11,12,14,15
Work for 3-13: SH13, research past experiments
Our group noticed that its more difficult to research past experiments involving music, however, we found youtube videos of experiments similar to what are goal experiment will be. We have been doing inkblot tests individually to get a better feel for what we are presenting in the future.


Researched past experiments but we couldn't find anything that was exactly like our experiment. Half of our group was missing so it was hard to get things done

Handed in SH11-15
We're thinking of buying a book from half priced books to get a bigger spectrum of ink blots.
links viewed :

worked on the brief summary for SH 13
we had trouble finding past experiments exactly like ours so we divided all of our research.  One experiment explains how music affects the way we perceive things while another experiment discussed how our wants and needs affect our perception.  And our last experiment that we researched was how music affects our moods.

Our experiment now consists of three participants at a time listening to classical, scary and without music to see how music can influence their responses.  We're going to give the participants various options to choose of what they see in the ink blot.  By recording this data, we can see the changes in mood and perception due to the music they hear.

We also figured out how to use QR codes because were going to record the participants' results through google drive

what we worked on for SH18

  • The experiment that will be tested with three participants will be analyzed to see how music affects our perception in the images that are seen in the inkblots.  
  • By combining the inkblots with music, it will change the way the participants will perceive and see the inkblots.  Since the dependent variable is the inkblot the results will vary depending on their perception after the music is heard and inkblots are seen.
  • To reach our ultimate goal for our project we will be providing headphones for each participant to use and also a chromebook incase they do not own a smartphone to use the QR Code. Once they are on the survey, each participant will be listening to one of the two different types of music and one without music. After they have thoroughly listened to the music or are still listening, they will comment on the inkblots that we will be showing them. To answer what they see on the inkblots we will providing multiple choice answers for them to use.
  • The activity will demonstrate that music may have a big effect in our daily lives. The way it would demonstrate this is by the participants listening to one of the three music choices and observing what they see in the inkblots.

  • What we are hoping that would occur from this activity is that music actually affecting the participants visual perception. We are hoping that the scary “halloween” music affects the participants visual perception by letting them observer something scary and something that would put them in a bad mood, we are also hoping that the classical music lets the participant observe something more pleasant in the inkblots, and finally we hope that the participant with no music shows us something completely different and also something that maybe can relate to either two of the songs.
  • The research we discussed does infact support our hypothesis because the research explains that music does affect current mood of participants.

Diagram of what our experiment will look like from SH19

Our table will be set up with three chairs for participants who will be tested while listening to headphones and analyzing the inkblots.  Our poster will be on the side and they will have their own answers on the QR code.
Our table will be set up with three chairs for participants who will be tested while listening to headphones and analyzing the inkblots.  Our poster will be on the side and they will have their own answers on the QR code.

For our experiment, the materials needed are our chromebooks, inkblot sheets. headphones

options of the inkblots we'll be showing


worked on QR codes
Possible songs: 

Worked on QR codes.
What music are you listening to? (If no music, please write none below)
Your teachers name*Required
Inkblot 1*Required
Inkblot 2*Required
Inkblot 3*Required
Inkblot 4*Required
Inkblot 5*Required
Inkblot 6*Required
Inkblot 7*Required
Inkblot 8*Required
Inkblot 9*Required
Inkblot 10*Required

Worked on poster

We also typed out what we'll be writing on the board.

Group 5

Can music affect our perception?

Key Points:
  • Mood of music
  • Different types of inkblots

Each person will be listening to different genres of music while viewing the same type of inkblots.  We believe that the different genres of music will affect how the participants perceive the images.

we finished the poster!!!!

The psych fair went really well!! We tested 186 people: 81 males and 99 girls.  Our results varied depending on girl or boy.  A lot of our unusual/creative results like "a fetus with smoke" were from males, versus the female results were either part of the multiple choice.  

these are some of our responses from the first four inkblots.

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