Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Group 23 Brooks, Schultz, Dimperio

Today we chose our topic. We will be experimenting on gender conformity versus convenience. After deciding our topic we began to fill out worksheets that were assigned to us. For example, beginning to create a hypothesis and assigning jobs among the group.

Today we made more progress on our worksheets. Over the weekend we plan to meet up to finish them and start to collect supplies. We are starting to research other experiments similar to ours to get an idea of the results we should be expecting.

Today we submitted 4 worksheets. Last night we got together and worked together on a worksheet that had us research previous experiments that studied the same topic. Tonight or tomorrow we will go pick up a tri-fold poster board for our booth that will provide participants with information about our topic, previous, researchers, and previous experiments.

Throughout the week we have been finishing up the work sheets that ask us to dig deeper into the experiment. We have also been coming up with what will be on our poster for the booth. We decided that it would be too costly to try and make nearly 1600 cupcakes for the fair. So we are only making a couple dozen and will just be having people point to the cupcake they would chose and then hand them a small brownie as a reward.

Today we met for the second time out of class. We used the time to prepare for the week ahead of us since the fair is 4 days away. We typed and printed out everything that was going to be put on the poster.

Tonight Lauren and I went shopping for creative elements for the poster and for the baking supplies for the cupcakes and brownies. It was an interesting shopping trip to say the least. Then we assembled the poster.

Tonight we are starting the baking process. A total of 30 boxes of brownie mix were purchased so it will be a long night. Excited for the parent night tomorrow.

Today we scripted exactly what we were going to be saying to participants. We did this to make sure that each participant was getting the same instructions as the next. At the parent night we figured out exactly how we should be placing the cupcakes in front of participants and got an idea of what the responses would be like.

Today at the psych fair we found that a large majority of the males chose the blue cupcake. A lot of females also chose blue but a fair amount of them chose pink which was noted to be because of gender conformity. Only a few people chose the cupcake in front of their dominant hand for convenience. Most people chose the cupcake based on color and not convenience.

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  1. Yours should be a very interesting addition to this years fair.