Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Group 17 : Sheila Walsh and AnnaBella Kriecher

This blog is run by Sheila Walsh

Day 1, March 10, 2015 : Today, AnnaBella and I found out that our original experiment we had hoped to use for Psych fair had already been claimed by another group and that we need to find or make another one in order to participate in Psych Fair. As of right now, we're both researching different possibilities for experiments or surveys and are hoping to come to a joint decision tomorrow. The both of us divided the work for Psych Fair as well. We discussed our strengths and weaknesses in order to bring out the best in each other so we can achieve the best grade for this project.

Day 2, March 11, 2015: Today, Bella and I completed two of the six required worksheets for psych fair and decided on our project. We plan on conducting a survey, asking a series of questions to individuals based on the incidents that have happened in Ferguson as well as their opinion on law enforcement. I know a lot of information about the subject but Bella doesn't really know anything so she's planning on researching the topic tonight.

Day 3, March 12, 2015: Today, Bella and I finished another worksheet and started another assignment. Bella began reading up on police brutality against people of color and statistics on how often a person is arrested then convicted for a crime based by race.

Day 4, March 13, 2015: Today, Bella was the only one that was at school because, I participated in St. Baldricks. She told me she had little class time to do any research and had work tonight so I took some work home and researched images and videos that have been taken by the protestors. Here are some attaches below.

I plan on ending each blog post with a photo from now on.

Day 5, March 16, 2015: Bella and I continued to do research on Ferguson. Initially, Bella was appalled at the lack of media attention surrounded by the injustices being committed. However, we considered the fact that the media will warp and completely ignore events that are going on around the world. We both agreed this was an important topic to discuss because one that is often ignored is one of the most important.

Day 6, March 17, 2015: 
 I took the day to continue our research, while Bella did some online shopping. I looked up stereotypes for African Americans in the media. It was pointed out that the black best friend (female) ¨...appear not to have much going on in their own lives but turn up at exactly the right moment to coach white characters through life.¨ Along with this ongoing stereotype, the black best friend character usually seem to support the antagonist with ¨sass, attitude and a keen insight on life¨. Two good examples would be the character Chastity from ¨10 Things I Hate About You¨ and Dionne from ¨Clueless¨. 

(Left to Right) 
Chastity, Dionne

Along with the stereotype of the black friend, the stereotype of the black thug is often used in the media. When interviewed for this article, many black women agree, ¨....depictions have real world consequences in their love lives and careers. ¨ Another statement, ¨Often these films and television shows provide little social context for why more black men than others are likely to end up in the criminal justice system. ¨ 

Day 7, March 18, 2015
Today, Bella did absolutely nothing. I continued to conduct research on our topic, as well as bought the poster and began to type out the clips of information we needed on our poster.

Day 8, March 19, 2015
Everything that needs to be done for Psych Fair has been completed, except for the completion of the poster which I am taking my time on. Bella is absent today.

Day 9, March 20, 2015
 Stencils and red matte board was purchased today for purchase.

Day 10, March 23, 2015
Today I am becoming more and more anxious for psych fair to be over. Bella hasn't done anything or offered to really contribute. It's beginning to irritate me because although we are friends, and I don't want her grades to go down however it's irritating that she won't do her part.

Day 11, March 24, 2015
I was absent today, I am unsure as to what Bella did. However, while I was watching the news, a breaking overnight story was being reported. A young black man, from Chicago, was denied entry to a bar because the owner believed he had a fake ID and was underage, (witnesses say he was leaving quietly). Local police were waiting down the sidewalk for him and brutalized him publically before arresting him. The victim was indeed 21.
"After Martese was denied entry to the bar, he found himself suddenly flung to the ground. The brutish force used resulted in his head and bodily injuries. His treatment was unprovoked as he did not resist questioning or arrest. In confusion, with blood painting his face and creating a pool on the bricks of the corner, he yelled out for mercy.
Though he lay bleeding and crying out, officers continued to hold him to the pavement, pinning him down, twisting his arm, with knees to his back until he was handcuffed."

Day 12, March 25, 2015
Today I was absent again, however tonight was the psych fair for family and friends. I came with the poster and information all completed. When parents had questions I answered to the best of my ability, and Bella called people over and asked them to participate. Our survey was more successful than originally thought as the night went on.

Day 13, March 26, 2015


Today is the psych fair for the students. So far there is positive feedback from the students and we ran out of paper applications within half of second hour. I am extremely excited for the results of this.

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  1. Great info and reference to material outside of class. Can't wait to see how you will tie this into a psychology experiment.