Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Group 4 Donaghey, Okleshen, Riebel

Today we picked our topic which is the human maze used to study latent learning. We started the worksheets and research on the topic and assigned jobs to everyone.
Today we researched different variations of the maze experiment and started filling out student handout 13. All of the experiments revolved around learning patters and process but some of the other experiments also incorporated natural choice, preference. 
Still working on SH 13, but we also started to talk about how exactly we were going to put together our maze. And what types of variables we would use to measure latent learning. 
We finished up SH 13 and started working on SH 14. We have decided on having a viewable nap before entering the maze and a reward upon completion would be our variables. This way we may have 3 different types of groups to test to see how each effects the latent learning time of the participants. 
We finished up throught SH 15 and we started figuring out how we are going to build our maze, which we will be starting Wednesday. Working on SH 16 & 17 as well. 
We finished up SH 16 & 17 and started working on the QR scanner page and surgery that we will be using for our experiment. We figured out all the materials we will need to get/ have on the day of. Tomorrow morning we start the construction of the maze. 
We came in early to start the construction of the maze. First we layed out the pipes and they were screwed together.
Then the class helped up prop this part off the ground because this is the layout of the top of the maze. We got all the other poles taped to the ground and we will start putting the tarpes up tomorrow or Friday. 
Today we finished SH 18-20.
The SH 18 was our rough draft on all the aspects of our experiment. Tomorrow we will be finishing up the actual maze and starting the map and poster board.
We spent the day up by the maze and we are starting to put all the black tarpes up now. 
We still have to finish the perimeter and then start mapping out the inside of the maze on Monday. 
We finished putting up the permitted of the maze today. 
We completely mapped out the maze on paper and are almost done making all the hallways. We are deciding on a theme of the maze and then putting all the fishing touches tomorrow before school. 
Still working on the maze. We only have a few more hallways to fill up and we have finished the poster. 
(abby can't spell)
The pros of the maze was that we got to see how well we actually did  with making it after it took us so long, and we got to have fun with the variables. The cons were that people rushed the maze all the time so we were always trying to keep them calm and to get everyone to sign in. Also kids ruined the inside of the maze by breaking through tarpes that were taped together, this was annoying to have to fix all the time. Also we had many kids trying to use their phone flashlights which messed with our experiment variables, making some of the times inaccurate. It was a stressful but fun day, but we were very sad to have to take it down all in about 30 minutes when it took us so long to set up. But we were glad that we picked the maze to do.


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  2. The maze is a fun experiment, I can't wait to see what type of twist you put on it this year.

  3. Your group is the fast in ten years of getting the maze together