Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Group 21 Pappanastos Trezek Willett


Today Amanda found a good experiment to do from an episode of Brain Games! We decided on a Gender Roles experiment based on if males or females read instructions. Now we are starting the worksheets that are due on Monday! This is the link to our example experiment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EknWzynlZAY


Yesterday,  our group tried to finish some of the worksheets that are due monday! We finished 3/5 worksheets, we hoped to have finished worksheet #13 cause we didn't know what other experiments to compare it to and couldn't figure out the exact name of our experiment which is what made everything so much harder!! 


Today we were discussing who would buy the poster. We also are trying really hard to finish toe 13th worksheet because we don't want to have to do it on monday! overall, going really well, it's just stressful to try and find experiments similar to ours.


Today we continued working on the #13 worksheet it is basically a case study on different experiments relating to ours.  We found one on a study of just studying the differences, one on how Singapore male/females feel about the opposite genders roles, and one is breaking myths about gender roles in the everyday society. Overall, the project is going well so far.

Today we are finishing up #13 worksheet because one of the studies were not a good study to look off of. We are also trying to finish typing up our 1st paragraph that needs to be done in the #13 worksheet and hopefully get done with the 2nd paragraph.. running alittle behind but hopefully we get done by the end of the period 

Today we started doing worksheets 18 and 19. 19 was done super quick but 18 we are struggling on because we don't know for sure if we cited our sources correctly... we also decided that I would buy the white poster that's due tomorrow. We are also discussing what our list of instructions will say and look like that we will give to the experiments participants during Psych Fair.

Today we finally got our poster!! Specifically thinking about what we are going to put on in and what exactly we are putting on the instructions we will be giving the participants of the experiment
Today since we didn't have to work on any of the worksheets since we finished them yesturday, we finished typing up our list of instructions because they need to be done by next week to make copies. Also since the rest of the class seems to be done with everything, everyone is socializing and I decided to make fun of alyssa and make her a snowman in my snapchat!HAHAHA

We fixed the errors in the Rough Draft for our handout. Specifically we changed some of the stuff to do on it (changing into things/drawing pictures) . Then we talked about who would bring certain things to fix the poster and discussed what we should put on the poster like pictures and an  article talking about the brain works episode that our experiment was done on. This weekend we are going to be purchasing some of the supplies for the poster and we also going to home depot and taking the little paper paint samples to help decorate the poster so it doesn't look all white and boring.  So we will get shades of pinks/reds/orange and blue/green/yellow on the other to portray the effect of the experiment being males vs females. This is the link that we were looking at while discussing what colors on getting for the poster: http://paintcolor.homedepot.com/browsecolors  

Today we were discusing what to put on the poster research wise. We also found all the visuals we want to put on the poster. We found pictures relating to gender roles, brain pictures and a brain works logo. We also typed out our hypothesis question. Tomorrow during 1c  we are going to Mr. Diorio's 1c to work on poster and print out all of our pictures.

Today Taylor and I went to Mr. Diorio's 1c  to put together the background colors to our poster and put on big black letters for our title. We also printed out all the pictures.In class we glues everything on the poster. Then we sent Mr. Vuillaume our instruction sheet so he could make copies of them. We also discussed who would bring the candy for participants of our expierement.

Today we added more pictures onto our poster and typed up one of the requirements for the poster: how you are going to explain hypothesis. Parent night went really well. One of the problems we had was trying to get a black sheet to fit over the divider we had. Obviously, it did not fit and had to put tarp on our divider so the participants wouldn't be able to see one another. Another problem was that on our instructions sheet it said to pretend to swim around a table when we didn't have a table to fit in our area so we had them pretend to swim around chairs. All the parents and siblings seemed to like our experiment.
-when psych fair area awkward and quiet at night

Psych Fair Day!! We had to get little tv tables for our participants to pretend to swim around the table. We also did some last minute shopping for candy. When we got to school it was calm until 1st hour came. 1st hour seemed to be really busy, but it might of only seemed that way cause it was the first round of kids that came into Psych Fair. The students at first thought they just had to fill out a sheet of paper then be done with the experiment, but when they found out they actually had to walk more they were too lazy to go behind our divider. The Stagg students seemed to like our booth alot due to Elena knowing multiple people from Stagg. The freshman seemed to be really entertained by it since it was their first year seeing PsychFair but the older students seemed to care less about Psych Fair and walk around in circles! Standing up and walking around to try and get people to come to our booth wasn't really difficult because there was always someone doing our experiment and people waiting. But to get more people to come to our booth and stay was hard cause you had to be nice to everyone and start a conversation with people you did not know. Overall, by the end of the day we were all exhausted. Maybe because we were all standing most the time or because we didn't eat well enough of a lunch. Still, a veryy good experience!!

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