Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Group 12 - Ligdas, Kruizenga, Zaragoza

Today we found out our topic which is the connection between taste and visual perception. 


Rebecca found an article. Jenna also found an article. There are some really weird things on the internet pertaining to our topic. All that was done today was research on other similar experiments and the results of said experiments. Questions were answered on student handouts by every member of the group. 


The three of us all finished reading articles online and comparing them to our own experiment for one of the handouts. We found that there are many similar experiments to ours. We also decided to use lemonade instead of kool-aid, as it is easier to change the color of lemonade to colors such as blue or red. 


Today is a shortened period, therefore we don't have as much time as we normally would. We continued to work on the online handouts today. If you think about it, it isn't really a handout if it's online because he never literally handed it out. 

Today, we decided some of the aspects of our experiment. We are going to have the participants drink the color changed lemonade and record what they think the drink is. We will then compare the answers they put to what it actually is, seeing how many people believed it was something else simply based on color. 

Today we are doing student handouts 18 and 19. Handout 18 is the guidelines for the rough draft of the preview and proposal of our experiment. Handout 19 is a sheet that asks what our group needs in order to do our experiment, along with explaining how we are setting up and operating our booth. 

Today we continued to work on the student handouts, specifically handout 20 which talked about what we will need for our booth. We are using small plastic cups, the ones normally used in bathrooms, along with a big bag of lemonade mix. Other than that, we don't really need many supplies. 

Today we decided exactly what we will do in our experiment. The first half of Psych Fair will see participants acting as a control group. We will give them regular lemonade with no color added in. The second half of the participants will be given lemonade colored blue or red. We will do this to get what we think will be a larger variety of answers. 

Today, we confirmed with Mr. Vuillaume what exactly we are doing for our experiment. Soon we will start to work on our poster, however, we don't currently have all of the necessary materials. Regardless, we started to formulate the design for the poster. 

Today, we are working on our poster. We have two days until the sort of test Psych Fair, and then 3 days until the actual Psych fair, so we need to kick it into high gear and finish up. Unfortunately, Jenna printed everything out a little too small, so we will have to reprint most of what will be on our poster. Other than that, we're off to a good start on it. We are currently putting on the poster what we can, though we don't have everything. 

This is the last full class period to work on our poster and make the final adjustments to our project before psych fair. We are finishing up putting everything on the poster. We also wrote up a script of what to say to the people who come to our experiment. 

We finished the poster during class today. It looks a little bit bare but that's already because our experiment doesn't have a lot to it. We're excited to start Psych Fair tomorrow. 
The parents came tonight. We didn't have many people try our experiment. Kind of a slow night. 

Psych fair was today and we got almost 300 people to do our experiment. Some people thought it was funny to submit joke responses but it was mostly our friends and we deleted the bad ones. We got a nice variety of answers for our graphs. We used the first couple periods of the day as the control group where we didn't dye the lemonade, and for the rest of the day we dyed the lemonade red. We got several answers, some that surprised us but some that we completely expected. Overall, Psych fair for our group was a success. 

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  1. The internet can be a pretty strange place, I agree.