Thursday, March 12, 2015

Group 6- White, Collins, Scott, Nitka

You 3/10

Every get the feeling of being watched? We do and we're doing an experiment that involves watching eyes.

Today, we got our group together and chose what we will be contributing to the group. We completed 2 of the handouts and are going strong on the third. Almost finished!


Today we each found an experiment that related to ours. I also found some great idea for our experiment which will help produce some solid results. Hopefully we are able to construct an experiment we can use. Great teamwork so far!


Today we were missing a group member :( but we were able to get the summaries of our background research. Based on experiments we've found, we will most likely have two groups of participants. One group will be sitting with their back faced to another group. Using a test that will instruct the other group to either stare or look away from the other group, we will determine if people really can sense when someone is staring at them. Not sure on specifics yet, but that should be figured out soon!

Based on my research, some scientists actually believe we have a sixth sense that is linked to birds flying in perfect formations and herds of animals traveling together...not sure how that all ties in yet but we're getting there...


Another day of finishing up the final touches on our handouts. I feel like our experiment is coming together and with the entire group brainstorming, the experiment is taking form. We've decided that we will be testing two groups of teens. Both groups will be told that one of the groups will be watched by one of us, but they won't know which group. We will test each group for 1 minute to see the results. Someone from our group will then hold a sign that says either to look or look away, giving the participants a chance to answer if they felt like they were being watched. Hopefully we can use phones and computers to get the results instead of a 1000 pieces of paper. Still trying to figure that part out...


Today we finalized the steps for the experiment!

  1. The experimenter will take the controlled group into one side of the booth.
  2. Another experimenter will take the independent group into the other side of the booth.
  3. One experimenter will explain what we will be testing (We are going to blindfold both groups after the explanation)
    1. The experimenter will explain that we will be watching only one group of the participants but the groups will not know which one we are watching.
    2. The experimenter will then either look at the independent group or look away
    3. The experiment will last one minute
  4. The control group of students will not be watched at all and the independent group will be watched by the experimenter.
  5. After one minute we will use a survey that will ask each group if they felt like they were being watched.
  6. We will use these results to determine if people can sense when they are being watched.

Hopefully everything works out with this experiment!


Totally we completed the template for the rough draft of our experiment. And we also decided we will be testing two groups of three students. They will be separated by a wall and someone from our group will initiate the experiment. We are also going to be using an online survey at the end that will ask questions like:
Did you feel like you were being watched?
Did the blindfold make a difference?
How did you feel during the experiment?

More changes to the questions will be made later. Loving the online surveys. Makes our life 10 times easier.


The handouts are finally over! It's time for the poster!
We listed all of our materials that we will need, even though there aren't many we need. Our set goal is 250 people!

Hopefully we can get one of the temporary walls to separate the students. We can use the chromebook to help the surveys go by quicker and get more surveys in. Although some students won't have smart phones to scan, we plan on having some surveys photocopied so they can take the survey anyway. 

Happy first day of spring!
We are starting to create a layout for our display. We've decided to name our booth "Do you have a sixth sense?" On the display, we plan to put eyes all around the board with our information under them. 
We have all the materials we need for our experiment and we plan to print everything out over the weekend. 
Also, the survey at the end is done with the QR codes. We just have to keep the groups straight when taking the survey.


Not your average search on Google images...

Basically now we are working on the poster, we are typing and printing everything we need in order to create the poster. We are also getting some creepy pictures for our display, as you can see...


Today we started our poster and are very excited to creep people out as they walk by. 


We got the poster done and pasted a bunch of pictures on it. Everything should be done for the parent night tonight. Sadly, two of our group members won't be able to make it tonight so we will have to improvise.


PSYCH FAIR!!!!! Talk about a long day!
In the morning Ganae and I had to explain to our missing group members what we did and how we needed to change the experiment in order to get results. We changed up the experiment and realized we were cramped for space and couldn't fit six people in our space. 
We used blindfolds and took up to three people back behind the wall. We had one of our group members sit in the corner and ask:
Do you feel like you are being watched?
Is there a person on your left or your right?
Is there someone in front or behind you?
Do you feel like you are being watched now?
During the experiment, I would stand close to the student with the blindfold or stare at them when I was told to do so. Once they took off their blindfolds, they were freaking out that someone else was behind the wall with them and they didn't even notice.

I thought that the fair was a great experience and it was fun to test out our experiment on people. I liked how there was a constant rush of people in the PAC but so many students were rude! It was mostly freshman that would try to disrupt the experiment or cheat by taking their blindfolds off. Some kids would come by and take our candy too without even doing the experiment. *cough cough* kyle *cough cough*

We just missed our goal of 250! Only 4 away! Honestly that's really frustrating! 

Overall our group enjoyed the psych fair and thought it was an interesting experience!
Psych fair 2015 was amazing!


  1. I would love for you to explain your project a little more in detail for people. It is such a great project but i'm afraid that most will not understand it based upon your post.

  2. I think this is going to be a great experiment.

  3. This is great - look forward to hearing how it goes. I think we all do have that sixth sense. I think animals have it stronger than humans also.