Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Group 18 - McCormick Sokol


We found our topic today, which is investigating the psychology behind the popular app Tinder. We also started filling out the required forms an created a hypothesis.


Today we did more in depth research about our topic and started to brainstorm ideas for our presentation.

fake bios we made for our fake Tinder profiles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Today we finished up Student Handout 15, and  did additional research about our topic and read interviews about the Tinder company.


Today we worked on Student Handout 16

This worksheet showcases the type of people we will be testing on and how we will measure it. We will be testing on all genders and ages.


Today Hannah and I worked on the other student handouts and did more research on our topic.


The project begins with a blank canvas...the possibilities are endless.


bout to make some interesting questions for our testees...


Today we found some pictures for our in real life Tinder board. We chose people of various races/genders. :)


We need to print out pictures for our poster board and then we are done! We will print out the generic Tinder picture and place different pictures we made inside of them, number them, and glue them to the poster. 


Our journey is winding down :)))) and we are making the final touches to our poster. We are going to print out the pictures in color at home and make fun borders to attract people to our stand. We also plan to bring treats for our stand. 


We are blogging LIVE from the practice parental testing at Carl Sandburg High School. We have finished setting everything up and are awaiting the parental units to test it out! 

my folks

we are blogging live from Psychology Fair 2015!!! So far, everyone seems to enjoy our experiment and we have been getting lots of people checking it out. 
the sun is almost as bright as our testers!!!!!!


  1. This should be an interesting experiment. I'm looking forward to how your carry it out and what type of results you report out.