Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Group 20 - Fleming, McDonald, Hill


Today we finalized our topic. Our topic is about tasting food with a blindfold on at first and then tasting food with a blindfold and nose plugged. We are currently trying to fill out the student handouts that are online in order to complete our project. The link below shows Student Handout 11 completed.



Today, we started student handout number 13. We had to research different experiments that were similar to ours. Ours experiments with taste perception. In my group of three, we each found an experiment that had to do with taste perception and researched on it and compared the results.



We are finishing up our student handout number 13. We finished the research part and now have to write a summary of the different experiments that we researched. After writing the summary, we moved onto student handout 14. This worksheet tell us that we have to list testable relationships with our topic. We are focusing on the perception of taste.


We finished student handouts 11-15 and now are beginning to work on student handout 16. We are figuring out now who we are going to be testing, how long it will take, and what we are measuring. We will measure all ages and both genders. It will probably take about 5 minutes per group and we want to measure if they can taste the foods with their nose plugged or not. We are going to have to make sure other people cannot see what we are doing so they don't know what foods we are giving them.


We started working on student handouts 18 and 19. We named our project "Let's sauce up your senses!" because we are going to make them taste sauces. We have to get a poster still for our presentation to set on the table. A yellow colored poster would be good because it is bright and will attract peoples attention.


We got our poster and it is a bright yellow.

I believe that we will be starting to work on it next week but we are thinking of putting mostly research on it and lots of pictures. Pictures are meant to attract kids attention because most people do not want to just read paragraphs. We are starting to work on student handouts 18 and 20 because we finished 19 today.


Today, we are finishing student handouts 18 and 20. Student handout 20 is pretty simple because it is structured and it was mostly stuff from other handouts. We had to organize what we were getting for our experiment and the costs of it. The sauces we are using are chocolate syrup, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, ranch, and barbecue sauce. We have to start organizing our poster today and what we want to put on it. There is a certain organization that is required for the poster and we are going to look into that more today.
Below is a picture of Jamie and she is very excited to be working on our poster!


Today, we began to work on our QR codes. We are asking everyone basic questions like what is their gender and what grade that they are in. Then we will ask them what food did they think they tasted for the first round. We will then tell them the actually food that they tasted and have them select that on the multiple choice question. Then we will do the same thing but the question will ask them what they think they tasted with the blindfold and their nose plugged. We will have them fill all of this out on chrome books using the QR code we made. We also started our poster by writing our group number on it and deciding what everyone is to bring on Monday so we can actually start to create it. 


We are working on our poster today! Jamie is cutting out the letters that we are using for our poster. Rachel and I are planning out how the poster will be laid out. We are starting to glue the letters down. We are also talking about who is bringing what for the actual psych fair. We will continue to do this tomorrow.


We finished our poster today and typed up our directions of what we are going to say to the participants!
We also decided who is going to bring what for the actual psychology fair. 


We can at 5:00 p.m. to set up for the psych fair. We accidentally bought steak sauce instead of BBQ sauce and one of our participants did not like that at all. It was just a practice round on one of our friends. Everything seemed to work out really good. We were worried at first because Rachel's mom did it and she answered correctly for both rounds, but that was because she said she bought the sauces that she tasted. We fixed our problems, which there wasn't many. The best idea was having the tarp to hide where we test our participants so then the other people coming to do it later don't know what we are giving them. The preview night went very well so far! 


Today is the official Psychology fair! I (Kelly) decided to bring a cooler to keep our sauces in so they stay nice and fresh. We brought the BBQ sauce this time. We also bought more spoons and decided to get candy to give to the participants for trying our experiment.
This is a participant trying the sauce just with the blindfold on. He is holding the oyster cracker in his hand ready to eat it after the sauce. 

Jamie is preparing the second sauce, which will be tasted with the blindfold on and the participants nose plugged.

Cleaning up did take a while because we had to put the desks back into our teachers classroom. It was messy cleaning up the sauces too because they got all on the table. Overall, I believe that the psychology fair went great!

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