Tuesday, March 10, 2015

group 2 Pedraza Cummins Paskevicius

Day 1 We decided on how we are going to go about this project.

Day 2 We continue to work on worksheets 11-15. Instead of working on them together, we have split them up Matt is in charge of 11 and 14. Dovi has 12 and 13. Cody has worksheet 15.

Day 3 We are finishing up worksheets 11-15 and submitting them into canvas.

Day 4. We are now starting worksheets 16 and 17 and completing them as a group since there is only two worksheets. We have finished the worksheets and submitted them into canvas. We have also decided we are going to do two sets of bozo buckets just to increase the number of people we can test.

Day 5 We have started working on worksheets 18 19 and 20. Dovi is doing worksheet 18 Cody is doing worksheet 19 and Matt is working on worksheet 20.

Day 6 We have completed worksheets 18-20 and have submitted them into canvas. 6 days of worksheets.....

Day 7 We were working on the survey we are going to give them after they are done

Day 8 We are writing what we are going to say to the subjects. We are also typing out the questions we are going to ask them after they have done the bozo buckets.

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  1. What project? Please be more descriptive in your blog posts :)