Friday, March 27, 2015

We decided that our experiment will be on superstitions, and found a few other experiments that we could possibly did for the fair.
We just finished student handouts 11-17. They were a little difficult because we are still unclear of how exactly our experiment will be.
We are working on student handouts 18-20 today.
We finally figured out exactly how our group will conduct our experiment. We will do a golf experiment to test if superstitions affect physical performance.
Finally got our golf putting green.
Today we are planning the poster and what we are going to put on it. We titled our poster "the lucky shot" and printed out images of pigeons and golf putters to explain the 2 experiments that we based ours off of.
Everything is pretty much finished like our poster and the way we will exactly perform our experiment.
Tonight the parents are coming to test out all of the students experiments! Really excited for my mom to come and see what we have been working on.
The parents night went awesome and we're all set for today! Really excited for the students to try our experiment now because we know that it is going to work on everyone.
positives: A lot of kids tried our experiment and seemed interested in our experiment.
negatives: A few kids decided to be rude and putt the ball way too hard and the ball ended up across the PAC. Some kids just stood in front of our booth and didn't want to try it so they blocked the way of other students who wanted to try our experiment.

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